The warranty

The warranty is 12 months.
Furniture products are not subject to return or exchange, as included in the list of non-food products.

The warranty does not cover defects caused by:
• flooding, fire and other emergencies or natural disasters (causes beyond the control of the parties);
• if the product shows signs of chemical, thermal or mechanical damage;
• malfunctions during normal wear and tear of the product;
• in case of incorrect transportation, self-made, Assembly of the product or change of design;
• violation of the rules of operation, intentional damage.

Also, the warranty does not apply when:
• the expiry date of the guarantee;
• no warranty from the manufacturer;
• no warranty from the buyer;
• amendments to the text of the warranty card unilaterally.

In case of violation and non-compliance with the rules of operation, the manufacturer is not responsible.